Robert C. Jordan served as the first Grand Master of Masons in Nebraska

Robert C. Jordan served as the first Grand Master of Masons in Nebraska

Freemasonry came to Nebraska with the first hearty pioneers who arrived in Nebraska Territory. The first Lodge - what would became Nebraska Lodge #1 - met at Peter Sarpy's Trading Post in Bellevue, Nebraska in 1853. The Grand Lodge of Nebraska was formed on September 23, 1857 with Robert Carrel Jordan serving as the first Grand Master of Masons.

Since the beginning, men of all backgrounds - doctors, lawyers, electricians, salesmen, educators, military men have all met "on the level" as Freemasons, America's oldest fraternal organization.

It was common for Omaha's business community to meet as Masons. Men like Peter Kiewit, Chuck Durham, A.F. Jacobson, Milo Bail, W. Dale Clark were proud to call themselves Freemasons. In towns across the nation, men on Main Street were part of the fraternity, as were their fathers and grandfathers. Freemasonry was part of the business fabric of the community.

Albert Pike Lodge #333 was chartered in 2014 to provide today's business community an opportunity and place to meet during the day as Freemasons, enjoying social time over a catered lunch, followed by a meeting in the Lodge room. Albert Pike Lodge #333, named after the 19th century father of Scottish Rite Masonry, "unites men of differing beliefs into a harmonious and productive community through the application of Masonic moral values and the practice of benevolence, intellectual development, and mutual respect."

Dean T. Skokan
Past Grand Master of Masons in Nebraska (2007)
Master of Albert Pike Lodge #333 (2014)