Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Freemason

Of Conduct

Freemasons are expected to exhibit the utmost tolerance and gentlemanly conduct both in “Lodge” the name for a gathering of Freemasons and in their daily lives. In the course of the Degrees Freemasons obligate themselves to a conduct of wise living, seeking to cultivate an honorable or virtuous character as individuals. Overt honesty, compassion, fortitude, prudence, justice, and the pursuit of philosophical truths are the hallmarks of a Freemason. Thus Freemasons must steel themselves to inculcate, practice, and exemplify these virtues throughout all the transactions of life. The mark of a Freemason is their discipline in character and their dedication to further pursuit of Masonic Light.

Of Cost

There are two costs associated with Masonry. The first cost is dues; all members of the Lodge pay annual dues of $365.00. Dues cover the annual operating expenses of the Lodge. The second cost is Degrees; in the progress from Entered Apprentice to Master Mason one will pay $250.00 total for all three degrees plus $250.00 for the cost of Scottish Rite degrees, for a total of $500.00. This cost covers the materials received by the Candidate: apron, study guides, a Bible, books, and the cost of Scottish Rite degrees.

Of Beliefs

Freemasonry will joyfully accept members from almost any religion, including all denominations of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and any other Religion or Belief that promotes a Creative ideal to the Universe and Life in general, promotes positive ideals, encourages a Brotherhood of Mankind, the belief in a Supreme Being, and the immortality of the soul.

Of Politics

Freemasons as a whole are not bound to any secular particular political ideology. Men of all political stripes are Masons, but Masons do not discuss politics and religion in Lodge.

Interested in Your Masonic Journey?

If being a member of the Masonic fraternity interests you, contact us. A member of Albert Pike Lodge #333 will reach out and invite you to either our lunch or a meeting to answer your questions and give you a petition.

Drop us a message, and let us know if this is a journey you're ready to make!

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The Scottish Rite

Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

Albert Pike Lodge meets at the Omaha Scottish Rite Masonic Center and is namedafter the man who is essentially considered the founder of the modern Scottish Rite in the United States. Our members build upon the ethical teachings and philosophy offered through the dramatic presentation of the individual degrees. A man interested in becoming a member of the Scottish Rite must first become a member of a Masonic Lodge and receiving the First (Entered Apprentice) Degree, the Second (Fellowcraft) Degree and the Third (Master Mason) Degree.  He will start his Scottish Rite journey with the Fourth (Secret Master) Degree and continue through the 32nd (Master of the Royal Secret) Degree.

These degrees are portrayed in dramas that include costumes and scenery that take you through history from the near the completion of King Solomon’s Temple, to its destruction, rebuilding and beyond into the time of the Knight Templar’s
and the Crusades.

Generally, the 4° and 14° are "communicated" to our new Brethren in Albert Pike Lodge #333, meaning the essential philosophy and lessons are read to them. Later, our new members attend the Scottish Rite Reunion the following Spring (April or May) or Fall (November). In the meantime, they enjoy the rights and benefits of membership as Scottish Rite Masons.