Pike Lodge Receives Grand Lodge of Nebraska Membership Award

2018-02-21 21.04.30.jpg

Albert Pike Lodge #333 recognized for membership growth in 2017.

Members of Albert Pike Lodge #333 received the Grand Lodge of Nebraska's award for membership growth for a small Lodge at the Annual Communication in Kearney in February. Pike Lodge began 2017 with 30 members, and during the course of the year raised 4 new Master Masons and brought in one more by affiliation. One member was suspended for non-payment of dues, due to moving out of state and another terminated his dual membership with Pike Lodge, retaining his membership at Nebraska Lodge #1. This gave Pike Lodge a net growth of 3 members, or 10% gain, for a year-end total of 33 members. At present, one candidate has been elected by the Lodge to receive the Degrees of Freemasonry, and 3 or 4 men have expressed an interested in joining Albert Pike Lodge #333 in 2018.

In this photo, Steve Barchus, Master of Pike Lodge in 2017, holds the Membership award (standing in the first row, second to right). On his left is Charles Sederstrom III, 2018 Master of Pike Lodge.