Lodge Education: Simpsons Stonecutters

Albert Pike Lodge #333 had a light-hearted education over lunch in May, watching the classic Simpsons episode "Homer the Great." In this episode, Homer Simpson is inducted into the Stonecutters fraternity. As most people know, the Stonecutters are a spoof of Freemasons. The heart of the Stonecutter's joke is that for all their power, influence, and prominent members, they only want to get drunk and play ping-pong. Of course, many Masons enjoy the fellowship like the Stonecutters, but as Homer found out, finding a philanthropic purpose is what gave the organization meaning (though the members chose to quite the Stonecutters and form their own organization - the Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers - formed for the sole purpose of keeping Homer Simpson out). This episode is truly a classic Simpsons episode, and always a fun episode to show for Masonic discussion!