Presenting 32° Scottish Rite membership patents

At the July business meeting, MW John Maxell presented 32° membership patents to Brothers Don Shiu, Jr., Wayne Stuberg, and Ed Birmingham, who joined in the April, 2017 Reunion. He was joined by the Senior and Junior Wardens, Charles Sederstrom III and Don Kavalec, who served as the Venerable Master of the Lodge of Perfection and Master of Kadosh for the Omaha Consistory officer lines.

Prospective Scottish Rite Brethren see the presentation, learn what a Patent represents, and hopefully are encouraged to petition themselves! More important, a special presentation reminds a new Brother of his value and importance in our fraternity, and helps keeps him better engaged.

Letters of patent are a type of legal instrument issued by a governing body, granting an office, title or status to a person. In the past, Scottish Rite Masons may have folded their patents up in carrying folders and took it with them in lieu of a dues card when visiting other Lodges. Many old patents were autographed by fellow member’s of his Reunion class, the SGIG, Grand Master, or other VIPs.