Andrew Privitera Presented with 32° Scottish Rite Patent

John Maxell, General Secretary for the Scottish Rite, Brother Andrew Privitera, and WB Charles Sederstrom III, Worshipful Master of Albert Pike Lodge #333

MW John Maxell, Past Grand Master of Masons in Nebraska and General Secretary for the Scottish Rite presented Andrew Privitera with his 32° Scottish Rite patent at Albert Pike Lodge #333 today. Andrew is a member of Chester Lodge #94 in Chester, Virginia, but will be affiliating with Pike Lodge #333. He joined the Scottish Rite at the May, 2018 Reunion.

Andrew is a 20-year veteran of the Army, who moved to Omaha with his wife several years ago. He owns and operates a Chik-Fil-A franchise at 72d and Ames Street. We look forward to welcoming Andrew as a member of Pike Lodge #333.