Albert Pike Lodge Receives Small Lodge Growth Award for 2018

The Officers and Brethren of Albert Pike Lodge #333 stand with the 2018 Grand Lodge of Nebraska award for membership growth for a small Lodge. Pike has won the award in both 2017 and 2018. In 2017, 4 Brethren were raised and 2 Brethren in 2018. For a small Lodge of 36 members, that represents 11% and 6% growth in the two years, respectively. In 2019, Pike Lodge is on track to raise at least 2 Brethren, with 3 or 4 affiliating!

As a surprise, the Brethren were joined by Keith Morrison (first row, second to left), who was in the building filming for NBC’s Dateline. He has been a correspondent for NBC Dateline since 1995. It isn’t too late to give him a petition to join our Lodge!